Monday, July 07, 2008


Current stint in Lumut would be ending soon in one and half months from now, and hop I go. From one river, Sg Dinding, to another river, the infamous and pathetic muddy river bank of Sg Kelang/Gombak. Time flies without realising, and here I am spending my eighth month here.
Can't say its a short time, and can't say its a long time after all.

Do I look forward to the trip back to KL? Do I miss my Kepong place?

Let's see.

Paying tolls and car parks everywhere I go, when I don't have to pay any in Lumut?
(Tolls are unheard off here in Lumut)

Forking out almost RM7 for a "wholesome" economy rice, good enough to last you for the next hour, where the same price will get you a sumptous fresh seafood fried rice which will last you for the till the next meal?
(People in Lumut eat seafood more than other type of meat. They even serve fish/"kerang"with nasi lemak, instead of curry chicken . Try to get that for breakfast in KL, and you will end up forking RM10 for your breakfast!)

Enduring 1 hour plus of journey from house to work, where it will take me barely less than 15 minutes where I am currently staying to the site?
(The morning rush here last only for 15 minutes, and it is control-able)

Facing rude drivers and people everywhere I go, while these attitudes are barely seen on the road, other than idiots who will drive super slow to enjoy the sea view?
(Driving at 7.45am, when the sun hovering slightly above the sea horizon is not a view to be missed, seriously)

Breathing in the mixture of gasoline, smoke, dust and polluted air, when fresh air are aplenty here?
(There are frequent salted fish smell arising from nearby farms, but I can live with that)

And lastly, have to endure the pain of facing the real inflation, when there are basically not much felt here?

Not forgetting that I will earn lesser when I am sent back to KL office. Cash is king, especially for unpredictable economic senario we are facing now. Inflation, stagflation, depression, recession.
Whatever "tion" it is, I just need to buck up my finance.

So, do I look forward to the trip back to KL?

Nah, I would opt to stay here if I have the choice.


JL said...

ehem... you left out the good point.. for eg. the nice people... (me me me me me) :P

ec said...

even your good old housemate can't entice you back in Kepong? :P Nevertheless, reality bites and that's where the pot of honey lies...

Big Bad Wolf said...

BBW misses JL boy. When are we going hiking again?

EC.. Me hv to continue paying the rental even though me not staying in kepong. Crap!